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"...Oltre, oltre ogni splendida parvenza, velario di gemme, specchio d'oro, parete di zaffiro, arazzo di contemplazione, tappeto di preghiera, rapimento, estasi, oblio, iconostasi allusiva, schermo del Mistero, dell'Amore infinito, della Luce incandescente". (Nottetempo, casa per casa - Milano, 1992)

Si concludeva così il racconto del mio approdo a Cefalù. Da cui, come l'Ulisse dall'isola di Circe, non potevo più ripartire. Sarei rimasto per sempre in questo paese della memoria ritrovata, in questo scrigno d'ogni segno, in questo porto della conoscenza da cui solo salpa il naviglio della fantasia.

Vincenzo Consolo

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Cefalù was mentioned for the first time by the historian Diodoro Siculo in 396 B.C. It has a typical medieval look: from Garibaldi Square to the Corso Ruggero, from the wonderful Cathedral to the picturesque narrow street, the ancient spell of this Mediterranean pearl is admirable all over.
(Sicilia - guida Mondadori)
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Tourist information
Corso Ruggero, 77
90015 Cefalù - PA
Tel. +39 0921 21050
E-mail: info@cefalu-tour.pa.it
Built on a promontory dominated by a sheer cliff, Cefalù, still keeping its ancient print, has grown around the Cathedral wanted by Ruggero II.
Many old mansions, rich of precious decorations, and churches, showing the importance of the city as a Bishop seat, overlook the medieval narrow streets. The sea fearing village is amazing with its picturesque houses on the sea and the long beach of finest sand, one the most beautiful in the Northern coast of Sicily.
(Sicilia - guida Mondadori)
120 photos of Cefalù in summer and springtime.
A long and hard slope up to the top of the rock is worth a terrific view on the endless Mediterranean.
Take a walk through the maze of streets, immerse yourself in its medieval treasures, then let the sun touch you while it sets on one of the most beautiful seas in the world.

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